How it works

Do you offer free WiFi to your customers?

Step 1: Place your order for Easy WiFi.

Step 2: Plug the Easy WiFi Portal into your Internet modem.

Step 3: Create hassle free WiFi for your customers.

It's as easy as it sounds, simple three step process.

Utilise Facebook as an online marketing tool.

Every time your customers checks - in, their friends can discover your business by it appearing on their news feed. When your customers check-in they are prompted to like your Facebook Page which helps you grow your visibility online. Gain a greater insight to your customers through Facebook Business analytics.

All our packages include the following fantastic features & work globally:

We transform thousands of WiFi networks across the world

Find out why customers turn to Easy WiFi

Start your 30 day contract today

24 hour shipping.

There is no need for costly installation.

All you need to do is to select the ''Order Now'' button below, process your order, pick your SSID and get your new system delivered to your door with simple instruction how to set it up.

For the price of just one coffee a day you can boost your sales and reach brand new marketing channels leading to increased footfall. The perfect solution for businesses in the service industry, such as coffee shops, pubs,restaurants and retail.

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